North American Press, "The Rebel," Baco Noir, Sonoma Coast, CA, 2019

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🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Pair with BBQ, meat tacos, grilled mushrooms

🌱 Organic Farming

🤓 What is Baco Noir? Matt Neiss likes to describe it as a unique Zinfandel alternative with great natural acidity and fruit balance. It is a seedling of the late 1800’s from a wild American grape, Vitis Riparia, that cross-pollinated with Folle Blanche (a grape variety indigenous to the Loire Valley).
North American Press is an insanely interesting project! Matt is questioning the boundaries of California’s terroir as he ponders what is a true representation of our land here in North America, and more specifically, Sonoma County. He ponders, why are we using European grapes to represent the terroir of the Americas?His passion for sustainable agriculture has also led him to make a delicious cider (sold out) from heirloom Gravenstein apples. Both libations are truly a unique Sonoma County experience!

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