It’s all about FARMING. Organic? Yes! Biodynamic? Yes! Regenerative? Yes! Herbicides? Definitely not! Synthetic pesticides? C’mon now!

We prefer the term winegrower over winemaker. The passionate producers we like don’t do much in the cellar. They act as a guiding hand, allowing nature to take its course while intervening as little as possible. Their grape juice spontaneously and naturally evolves into beautiful wines with extroverted personalities. These artisans trust the hard work they’ve done all year. They strive to grow an exceptional crop. Think about that. That libation in your glass took people one year, at the very least, to make. You might as well drink something that was made with passion. Someone who is excited to work on that farm everyday! Life is too short to drink something that merely suffices. 

The natural wines we sell are site-expressive and represent the terroir that they come from. The producers practice minimal and low intervention wine making techniques. The natural wine reflects time and space.

We are constantly searching for natural wines that have a great quality-to-price ratio. It’s juice that we think is underpriced. That’s why we are constantly searching for up-and-coming producers, regions, grape varieties, and styles. We want you to sip with swagger. We don’t want you to stress about picking out bottles. So we only sell what we like, and we hope you like it too. If we don’t like the shit, we don’t sell the shit!

We created Rampant Wine Co. because we are frustrated with how painful the wine shopping experience can be. At times, traditional retail service can be abysmal (It can be amazing too. Shout out to the good folks). Wine shopping can be overwhelming. So what do you do? Go to a creepy liquor store and buy a familiar bottle with a price that fits your budget? 

Not to mention all the synthetic ingredients you're dumping into your gullet. Up to 100 additives are permitted in US wines! 100! You ever read 100 different ingredients on a food label, and think to yourself... “yum?” We want more small-production, minimal intervention, and unique wines in the world. Natural wines that are made (and farmed!) by passionate and creative PEOPLE. And we don’t want you to stress while you’re shopping either. Join us.