July 2023 Wine Club Shipment

Mas Gomà | Garnacha/Xarel-lo Pét Nat | "L'Alba as Turó Rosat," | Catalonia, Spain | 2021
The Vendrell family of Mas Gomà has been working their farm for five generations. Just west of Barcelona, in the middle of the Penedès region in the northeast of Spain. Father and son, Pere and Eloi, have recovered several native grape varieties and work with indigenous plants such as thyme and nettle to provide a true biodynamic habitat for their vines. Their aim is to work hard to provide future generations with vineyards rich in biodiversity, living soil, and organic matter. Father-son duo Joan Manel and Joan Vendrell, who currently run the winery, extend their family dedication to the cellar. No added sulfites and minimal intervention lets the grapes sing their song. Creating wines capable of naturally expressing the meticulously and lovingly tended vineyards, as they learned from past generations. 

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Pair with: Anything outside in the sunshine!

🍇 Grape Variety: 50% Grenache, 50% Xarel-lo

🌱 Farming: Certified organic, practicing biodynamic

🍾 Winemaking: Pétillant Naturel aka Ancestral Method (single fermentation)

🧑🏼‍🌾 Winemakers: Joan Manel and Joan Vendrell

🌎 Region: Catalonia, Spain

🌡 Serve: Cold
Bow & Arrow | Melon | Johan Vineyard, Willamette Valley, Oregon | 2020
Since 2010, Bow & Arrow has been dedicated to producing "natural wines" using classic Loire grape varieties such as Melon, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, and Pinot Noir. These wines are crafted with minimal to no sulfites and have lower alcohol content. Scott typically carries out the harvest in late October and early November, resulting in wines with remarkable complexity and depth of flavor. Due to the cool microclimates in which he operates, the wines maintain a fresh, vibrant character and exhibit extremely low levels of alcohol. This unique combination of extended grape maturation and natural acidity consistently produces delicious wines that express the region's terroir. Furthermore, Bow & Arrow operates as a one-person venture, allowing for remarkably affordable prices compared to similar wines on the market.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Pair with: Oysters, summer salad, dinner prep
🍇 Grape Variety: 100% Melon de Bourgogne 
🌱 Farming: Organic
🍾 Winemaking: Long lees-aging, barrel fermented
🧑🏼‍🌾 Winemakers: Scott Frank
🌎 Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
🌡 Serve: Cold
Domaine Grosbois | Cabernet Franc | "Extra Ball" | Chinon, Loire Valley, FR | 2021
The Grosbois family has produced outstanding wines in the Chinon appellation of the Loire Valley for several generations. The domaine balances its deep-rooted history with progressive viticulture. 
Brothers Sylvain and Nicolas Grosbois focus on low yields to promote the expression of the terroirs and mitigate vintage variation. Nine hectares of Cabernet Franc are planted across various microclimates and soil types.
"Extra Ball" is the type of fresh & vibrant Cab Franc that gave us the wine bug in the first place. 30-year-old vines planted in prized limestone soil. The resulting wine is dizzyingly aromatic, refreshing, and lip-smacking!
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Pair with: Chicken fajitas, lamb gyro, cheesesteaks, grilled veggies
🍇 Grape Variety: 100% Cabernet Franc
🌱 Farming: Certified Biodynamic
🍾 Winemaking: Fermented and aged in concrete tanks for eight months
🧑🏼‍🌾 Winemaker: Sylvain & Nicolas Grosbois
 🌎 Region: Chinon, Loire Valley, FR
🌡 Serve:  Lightly chilled
Populis Red Blend | "Reversée" | Mendocino, CA | 2022
Founded in 2014, Populis was created by Shaunt and Diego, seeking to fill a void in California natural wine. They work with top-tier vineyards while relentlessly seeking out old organic vines farmed without synthetic herbicides or pesticides. The duo uses no additives, no intervention, and, as they say, "no tomfoolery-- just straight-up fermented juice."
The 2022 Reversée red blend is made with a technique dubbed "reverse saignée." Half of the grapes are pressed to rosé juice and then blended back into a tank of the destemmed fruit to create a lighter, brighter wine. Juicy, fruity, and energetic with just enough tannin to complement whatever you're grilling on a warm night this summer.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Pair with: Anything off the grill, Seared tuna tacos
🍇 Grape Variety: 65% Zinfandel / 30% Carignan / 5% Pinot Noir
🌱 Farming: Certified Organic
🍾 Winemaking: Each variety was separately fermented and then blended before bottling. Zinfandel: macerated five days before the press. Carignan: 7 days carbonic maceration. Zinfandel: Two-thirds pressed as rosé, remaining one-third destemmed, and both co-fermented afterward
🧑🏼‍🌾 Winemakers: Diego Roig and Shaunt Oungoulian
🌎 Region: Mendocino, CA

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