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Zebedeo | Albariño Blend | Rias Baixas, Spain
Zebedeo | Albariño Blend | Rias Baixas, Spain

Zebedeo Blanco is from a negociant project between Transparent Wine Co (one of our favorite importers) and their trusted Spanish growers. For this cuvee, Alex and Luke collaborated with small, local growers in Spain's Rias Baixas region to create a beautiful, ethically made, and terroir-driven white wine while ensuring that the producers make the lion's share of the profits.

Albariño brings the vivacious acidity and freshness while the Godello rounds out the wine with a "waxy" Chenin-Blanc-esque mouthfeel.  

Rías Baixas is a lusciously green coastal region in Spain's NW corner along the Portuguese border. Its name, meaning "lower estuaries," pays homage to the picturesque coastal inlets (or rías) defining its Ireland-like green landscape.

It's so green here because of the Atlantic's influence on the climate- abundant rainfall, coastal mists and fog contribute to the region's cool ambiance, ideal for preserving Albariño's zesty acidity.

Family-owned smallholdings remain integral, supplying boutique wineries and cooperatives. Vines are high-trained on pergola trellises, allowing air circulation and sun exposure to combat the wet and cold vineyard challenges unique to Rias Baixas.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Pair with: oysters, raw bar, delicate seafood, enjoy on it's own

🍇 Grape Variety: Mostly Albariño; chef's kiss of Godello blended in

🌱 Farming: Practicing Organic

🍾 Winemaking: stainless steel fermentation/aging to preserve freshness, native yeast fermentation

🌎 Region: Rias Baixas, Spain

🌡 Serve: Cold 



Chateau de Javernand | Rosé of Gamay | Beaujolais, France | 2022

Chateau de Javernand | Rosé of Gamay | Beaujolais, France | 2022
The Chateau de Javernand - a small castle with almost 50 hectares of vines – has been continuously producing wine since the 1700’s. Arthur Fourneau and his close friend, Pierre Prost, are the current driving force behind the orgainc estate.

Their Chiroubles vines hail from the highest-altitude sites within this Beaujolais cru, embodying freshness and tradition. Cultivated on sandy, granite slopes, it's a testament to the region's finest terroir. Additionally, Arthur and Pierre craft outstanding Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on their Mâcon farmstead.

Arthur's great grandfather purchased the land in 1917, beginning the legacy that Arthur (fifth generation vigneron of the estate) and Pierre, who joined in 2011 after marrying Arthur's cousin Mathilde, continue with passion and expertise.

Rooted in friendship and heritage, Chateau de Javernand exemplifies the timeless connection between family, land, and exceptional wine.
This rosé is not to be paired with a bachelorette poolside happy hour. Or maybe it is? The point is, it's more of a "food wine." You can even tell from the darker pink hue, this bottling has a more serious structure and deserves a spot on the dinner table.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Pair with: seared tuna steak, carpaccio, steak tartare, margarita pizza, Mediterranean Cuisine 

🍇 Grape Variety: 100% Gamay

🌱 Farming: Practicing Organic

🍾 Winemaking: semi-carbonic maceration, stainless steel fermentation and aging, indigenous yeast

🧑🏼‍🌾 Winemaker: Arthur Fourneau and Pierre Prost

🌎 Region: Chiroubles, Beaujolais, France

🌡 Serve: Cold (does not have to be ice cold due to structure)
Campo Hermoso | Mencía Blend | La Mancha, Spain 
Campo Hermoso | Mencía Blend | La Mancha, Spain

Campo Hermoso Tinto is another Transparent Wine Co negociant project from Spain. For this cuvee, Alex and Luke collaborate with small, local growers in Spain's La Mancha region to create beautiful, ethically made, and terroir-driven wines while ensuring that the producers make the lion's share of the profits.

La Mancha DO is among Spain's largest and oldest wine regions, tracing its viticultural roots back to Roman times. Dubbed "al-mansha" under Moorish reign, the name translates to "parched earth," reflecting its arid landscapes.

La Mancha is primarily known for brandy distillation, although we are starting to see winemakers with the right ethos making a splash in the market! 

The wine growers battle extreme continental climates. Summer scorchers surpass 104°F, with temps plummeting at dusk, while winters bring freezing temperatures and frost, exacerbated by minimal annual rainfall (averaging 14 inches).

Challenges aside, La Mancha's prime vineyards boast high limestone and chalk content, retaining crucial moisture for vine nourishment. With ample sunshine, grapes ripen effortlessly while cool nights help retain acidity. High elevations ranging from 1,600 to 2,300 ft above sea level also help combat the extreme heat.

Since the 1970s, modernization initiatives have revitalized La Mancha's wine industry, clawing its way out from a bulk-wine reputation. The region has witnessed a surge in high-quality wines, gradually elevating its prestige and reclaiming its status among Spain's notable winemaking regions.


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Pair with: Jamon Iberico, picnics, pizza, pasta, charcuterie

🍇 Grape Variety: Mostly Mencía with Tempranillo and Garnacha blended in

🌱 Farming: Practicing Organic

🍾 Winemaking: stainless steel fermentation/aging to preserve freshness

🌎 Region: La Mancha, Spain

🌡 Serve: room temp or slightly chilled
Domaine Rozel | "Les Frangins" Syrah | Southern Rhone Valley, France | 2021
Domaine Rozel | "Les Frangins" Syrah | Southern Rhone Valley, France | 2021
Domaine Rozel is a historic polycultural farm nestled in the heart of Southeast France. For over twenty-two generations, this family-owned estate has cultivated the land, passing down traditions since the 1400s!
Beyond its locally famous white asparagus, Domaine Rozel produces a rich tapestry of agricultural treasures including lavender, truffles, grains, and orchard fruits.

The wines, certainly not an afterthought,  hail from the AOP Grignan-les-Adhemar, the official northern border appellation of the Southern Rhone.
However, this particular farm is distinct, and the land feels a lot more like the Northern Rhone as granite slopes are planted with ancient syrah and viognier vines. The vineyards and the resulting wines, feel like a chunk of Crozes Hermitage fell out of the Northern Rhone and landed in the middle of The Rhone Valley. 
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Pair with: steak au poivre, pork tenderloin, ribs

🍇 Grape Variety: 90% Syrah / 10% Viognier

🌱 Farming: Certified Organic; practicing biodynamic & regenerative principles

🍾 Winemaking: grapes are de-stemmed, fermented in stainless steel with indigenous yeast, aged in stainless, lightly filtered

🧑🏼‍🌾 Winemaker: Brothers, Matthieu & Bastien Rozel

🌎 Region: AOP Grignan-les-Adhemar, Rhône Valley, France

🌡 Serve: Room Temp, decant

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